Popular Dental Treatments

Everybody must go to the dentist for multiple reasons. However, there are a few things everyone should be aware of. The following list of the ten leading causes of dental procedures that Crescent Heights Dental may do.


  1. Cleaning of the Teeth

By far, this is the most prevalent reason for a dental appointment. Every six months is recommended by most dentist in tweed heads, while some prescribe once a year. No matter how you slice it, it’s a critical component of good oral hygiene. A dentist’s equipment brushing your teeth is far more effective than anything you could possibly use at home.

Whether it’s once a year or twice a year, cleaning at the dentist will maintain your teeth strong, bright, and healthy. Furthermore, cleaning is not painful, so there is no need to be alarmed.

  1. Whitening Your Teeth

The method of teeth whitening is not as painful as the process of cleaning. Although the whitening compounds can cause sensitivity in some people, this is a simple process that can be completed at many dental offices. Tooth whitening kits for use at home necessitate a significant investment in terms of both time and effort. A lot of money and effort is required.

  1. Extractions

Extractions sound gruesome and terrifying. They aren’t the most pleasurable of experiences, to be honest. On the other hand, your dentist will do everything they can to make you feel at ease. An extraction may be necessary for a variety of reasons.

  1. Veneers

For crooked or discoloured teeth, veneers may be an option. When it comes to common dental issues, these are some of the most sought-after fixes worldwide. A veneer is a thin layer of material applied to the front portion of a single tooth or several. However, they can also be used to whiten teeth, which is a bonus. The procedure is painless and straightforward for most people, and it’s simple for dentists to carry out.

  1. Fillings

All-too-common cavities that are also all-too-easily acquired Fillings are the most common treatment option for cavities. Too much exposure to acids in food or your body can dissolve tooth enamel.

It’s fortunate because fixing most cavities is a simple procedure. Only after a filling is completed you may be numb for many hours. A half-hour or so generally suffices, and then it’s good to go again! They may put pressure on you while they work, but it shouldn’t hurt.for more information please click here.